The Otherside is a new contemporary urban-sci-fi-fantasy universe filled with wizards, robots, mercenaries, scientists, and imaginary friends. Myth, Legend, and Fairy Tales rub shoulders with Quantum Physicists, Mutants, and Lawyer-Friendly Cameos. The entire universe is written with a focus on cross medium continuity and total world immersion.

The Otherside first came into existence as a paper-and-pen role-playing game. For years we would get together once a week to laugh, anguish, and delight in wild escapades and clever machinations that maybe, with a little bit of magic, could actually be real. We shaped this universe, from the beginning, as a place that could exist in the real world; events, places, and people in The Otherside mirror things we see and experience in every day life. It is this quality, we think, that gives the The Otherside its greatest potential for immersive story-telling, and therein lies our primary goal. We want to bring this universe to life through stories and other artistic mediums.

We are BardWorks. We are a collection of creators working to shape the world around us and we invite you to join us.